Recently as I listened to one of my favorite podcast, NPR: Planet Money, one particular show caught my attention.

It was episode 217: The Art of Living at Poverty Line. The show went on to tell of a woman who is a single parent and made a meager 16, 000.00 a year, with extra income coming from other part time jobs she held as well.

Her life necessities were supplied by the Government, and she was dependent on the system for food, insurance, and was waiting on shelter assistance.

But she managed to receive an interest free loan to fund her and her son a vacation to a Caribbean resort, no hassle.

Not to take away from her hard work and unfortunate situation, but I felt some type of way listening to this. I have worked 3 jobs to provide a very nice life for my family and could not wait to hear how this lady who makes significantly less than me managed to give her son the amazing vacation I felt I could only dream of.

Only a few minutes in, they got right to the point- Can you guess how she did this?

Her credit rating was excellent, meaning she had a 750 or higher. Now, I don’t know what you do with your credit or how you have managed to get it where it is, but let me be the first to say, EXCELLENT CREDIT AIN’T EASY! It’s discipline.

But what was even more of a take away to me was this thought I had:

This lady lived a very humble life. She didn’t take a vacation every season. She didn’t shop and have the latest trends. She struggled, yet she had managed to live a wealthier life than many of us.

We focus so much on money, and how much of it we have to do the things we want in our lives, but we rarely focus on the importance the discipline of building excellent credit.

Ladies, together let’s focus on being excellent and loosen the confines that money has placed on our wealth!