What’s your Mantra?

What’s your mantra? Before you start your day, what do you look in the mirror and tell yourself? Do you remind yourself how powerful you are or how you have the ability to impact the people around you?

The late Heavyweight Champion, Muhammed Ali said, “I am the greatest,” before he knew he was. His mantra helped him to achieve things far beyond his imagination. Not only did Muhammed Ali excel in the boxing ring but as a humanitarian.

A mantra is more than a slogan. It’s a strong belief that you can and will achieve anything you set your mind to. Your mantra doesn’t define who you are but it is a representation of your character. Your mantra should uphold three things: your beliefs, your aspirations, and your vision.

When we constantly remind ourselves of our endless capabilities, we are giving ourselves the power to accomplish things beyond our wildest imagination. Tell us your mantra and how it impacts your life.

Written by Krystal Ketcham