What You Need to Know About Sickle Cell

1 in every 10 African Americans carries the Sickle Cell Trait, while 1 in 500 is diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease. Learn how Bold Lips for Sickle Cell raises awareness to the disease and how to help stop the Sickle Cycle.



Sickle Cell Anemia is a blood disorder that affects thousands daily. Genetics is the underlying factor to whether or not someone will carry this disease. If both parents carry the Sickle Cell Trait, it creates a 25% chance that each baby they conceive will have the disease. People with Sickle Cell have abnormal red blood cells that have a shorter life span compared to normal red blood cells. The shape of the cell causes blockage and results in chronic pain for the patient that can lead to infections and even organ damages.

A few complications of this disease are, lower life expectancies, premature development, acute chest syndrome, and even strokes. Patients are often hospitalized for pain crisis which can be triggered by stress, dehydration, or climate change. These pain episodes are usually treated with a combination of IV and pain medicines. There is currently no universal cure for Sickle Cell but there are ways to help raise awareness for the disease.


Bold Lips for Sickle Cell was founded by Shamonica Wiggins. Her vision was to find a way to raise awareness of Sickle Cell through this challenge. Through the use of social media, people simply just put on their favorite lipstick on and used the hashtag #BoldLipsforSickleCell. The movement immediately gained the attention and support from many. The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America used this campaign as a way to gain signatures to petition the Sickle Cell Treatment Act.


How can YOU help?
Donate Blood
Donate Bone Marrow
Educate Others & Spread Awareness
Be Sensitive, Supportive, and Respectful of People You Meet With SCD

Ask Your Local Hospital if They Have Any SCD Treatment Programs You Can Volunteer With
Donate to the Approved Non-Profit Sickle Cell Websites:
American Association of Sickle Cell Anemia
Sickle Cell Disease Association of America
Bold Lips for Sickle Cell

Written By: Moji Aiyekusibe