Time to Mingle

Are you looking for a new way to find a date or your forever soulmate? Let’s see how your phone may be the answer to your new love life!

As we all know, technology has been advancing for ages and now you can find love by just using your phone. With all these new dating apps, we’ve narrowed it down the most popular ones!


Hinge is another dating app that allows users to feel more secure through the use of Facebook. The interesting thing about Hinge is that it connects you to people through the use of your mutual friends on Facebook. If a user has a question about their match, they have to ask through the friend! Though, in order to have a private conservation, both users must swipe right…like Tinder.


The good thing about Tinder is that it requires the user to enable their Facebook account in order to use the app which provides the user a sense of safety while using the app. The app connects users to people nearby, which is a plus! If the user is interested in someone they swipe right, if not, left. The app also free which is another plus! Relationships range from casual to even marriage. The app is very popular in the 24-35 age range.

Christian Mingle 

Christian Mingle is designed to connect singles together based on their religious preference. The app allows users to create a profile based on the hobbies they like such as, sports, food, and etc. Also, their hometown, education, or career. Based on these profiles, users can connect to other Christians who share the same interests as them.


Bumble is known for being similar to Tinder, but it has a surprising twist. Bumble forces the women to make the first move! Once a match is made, it is up to the lady to decide if she would like to start a conversation with the gentleman. Wait another twist…you only have 24 hours to make a move…but don’t worry, if the gentlemen are interested they can extend the time period!


Of course, we can’t create a dating list without including the one and only eHarmony! Although it’s been around for a while, it’s still responsible for 4% of marriages in the U.S. eHarmony also is now available in the App Stores and have new updates to keep in touch with the new technology advances. The App offers a questionnaire for new users in order to find their matches. Its focus is on singles looking for long-term relationships or marriage.

Written by: Moji Aiyekusibe