These APPS Will Help You Cut Corners While Paying Off Student Loans


I’m at that point in my life where I’m trying to flourish in all areas of life; that includes eating better, traveling more and glowing up weekly. But it is also at this point in my life where Sallie Mae finds it necessary to rain on my parade on the daily.



My millennial brain wants me to spend the next 10 years making minimum payments on my student loans and hope that the government forgives them. Adulting brain wants me to pay my student loans off in less than 5 years and call it a day.
Adulting wins this battle.


I made the mental and financial decision to take care of her and the financial baggage (student loans) she left on my credit report once and for all. To accomplish this daunting feat, however, I have to limit myself financially in the areas of life that I’m trying to flourish in the most.
Or do I?

Living in an ever-evolving technological world has benefited me in a way that I can now use smartphone apps to organize my life and still make time to live life to the fullest while paying off my student loans. Here are 3 apps I use most often as a student loan payer.

Every Dollar
Do you know what I despise more than adulting? Budgeting! Budgeting looks a lot like boundaries, and we all know how Millennials hate boundaries. Luckily for the less financially savvy, Dave Ramsey developed an app that combines the intrigue of social media and the responsibility of adulting.
Every Dollar lets you virtually list your monthly expenditures and budget accordingly for each expense. To sweeten the deal, Every Dollar has an expense tracking option. The expense tracking feature links your credit and debit cards to the budget you created so that any time you swipe, it records your purchase. From there, all you do is sort through which expense goes where.
Every Dollar is a lethal weapon against overspending and student loan debt, and for only $9.99 per month, it’s a genuinely budget-friendly app!

I’m a fake beauty enthusiast. I can sit through a 15-minute make-up video and genuinely be interested in the techniques and products used. Will I take the initiative to go out and replicate the look on my face? Ten times out of ten the answer is NO! But hey, I can’t look like an indentured servant to Sallie Mae every day of the week, so I decided to try Ipsy.
For only $10 per month, I get 5 new beauty products to try. These products are selected and shipped to me based on a thorough profile I created based on my skin tone, beauty interests, and name brand preferences. The great thing about this profile is that it can be altered at any time, allowing me to switch the type of products I receive each month.

As a self-proclaimed travel blogger, it should be expected that included on my list of budget-friendly apps is at least one app for travel. Skiplagged is a FREE smartphone app that is suited for both the spontaneous and systematic traveler. It compiles a list of the most inexpensive round-trip and one-way flights to your domestic or international destinations.
This is the app I used to snag a $78 and $111 round-trip flights to North Carolina and Detroit, respectively. In my experience, flights on Skiplagged cost an estimated $10.20 less compared to other travel websites such as Expedia and Hotwire. Now, $10 may not seem like a huge savings but, when student loans are involved, every bit helps!

Give these 3 smartphone apps a try and let me know how they’ve contributed to your everyday life. Have other smartphone app suggestions? I’m always up to trying something new so send all suggestions to!

Written By: Cassie Johnson

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