Over the past few years, I have totally given up on wearing watches. I kind of fell into the groove of using my phone for everything. I once was a person who adored having a variety of watches, but honestly, I just hadn’t seen anything in ages that made me feel like wearing it.

So a few months ago when I discovered JORD Wood Watches I was intrigued. First off, the these babies are a work of art. Both their women’s watch and men’s watch collections are all so original. I’m a sucker for all things unique – I guess you could say I like to stand out (wink, wink). What I love about these fancy wood watches, is just that… they are FANCY Wood Watches. How cool is that? I can’t begin to imagine the time and effort that it takes to craft these beauties.

I’m a practical girl, so at this point in my life pretty much everything I own has to have a duel function. Meaning when I purchase clothes or accessories, I like to have items that I can dress up or down. Everything in my life is about convenience. I kind of have a check list:

1. Can I bend in it?
2. Can I have date night in it?
3. Can I chase my 2 year old in it?

If the answer is yes to all three questions then we have ourselves a winner! With that being said, I am now rocking my fab new cool watch made out of wood! I find myself looking at it and feeling just a little bit more in sync, and stylish. I also can’t wait to introduce hubby to the unique watch club. I’m hooked and JORD has a new customer for life!