Am I the only one who has had to ask myself the age-old question, “Why is eating healthy so expensive?” Every time I entered a Whole Foods store, I have had to seriously convince myself that this was the price of living the healthy lifestyle I wanted.

Fast forward to a year ago when had to make a quick stop at a nearby Kroger for organic milk for my daughter. As I stood there, sizing up all the organic brands, as us mom’s do, I stumbled across the Simple Truth brand. The nutritional facts and ingredients were everything my 1 year old needed and the price was right, so I decided to give it a try. I walked out of Kroger with organic whole milk for my baby girl, and almond milk for me.

Y’all, I must admit how delicious it was! The only noticeable difference between the Simple Truth brand and the previous brand I was using was the price, and me, being the money conscious woman that I am, I’ve been hooked on Simple Truth products ever since!

Since my Simple Truth discovery, a year ago, I have tried many products and a few of them have become staples in my daily routine. Here are a few staples I just cannot live without:




As a natural hair gal, I LOVE the 14 oz. Simple Truth Virgin Unrefined Coconut oil! I use it for everything from cooking to conditioning my natural hair. What I love most about the Simple Truth Coconut oil is the cost- $5.49! Can you say WINNING! Try beating that price.

I also find myself loving the Simple Truth Organic Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil (EVOO). Being that my diet is mostly plant based, we do a ton of sautéing in our home. At Kroger, I can grab a 17oz bottle for only $6.49 (cha-ching!!!) If you know your EVOO, then you know this price is a steal!

I could go on and on about the amazing deals and delicious snacks and meals I have come to adore with Simple Truth, but I’ll digress because I think you get the idea! I am simply in love with Simple Truth! Thank you, Kroger for providing such a vast variety of products for me and my family and friends. Without you, what would a money conscious healthy lifestyle gal, like me, do!

Written By: Ameerah Saine