Self-Care Saves Lives…

That was on a shirt I bought, courteous of the @alex_elle Instagram page.

I’ve always been in awe of those who know the importance of selfishly taking time for themselves. Naturally, I’m a people pleaser and it has taken a lot of reflecting on what I want in my life and the things that it will take to get me there, to get me to understand the importance of doing for me. As women, we tend to cater to our natural ways of caring for others, whether it be children, a relationship, and/ or friends, and in return, we lose the tenacity it takes for self-perseverance. We get so submerged in the day to day activities of life, that we forget it’s self-love, that we need to live!

Let’s be bold in our selfishness, ladies! I encourage you, and by encourage I mean demand you, to do you! Stop looking at that trip to the spa as something you have to earn! Stop saving that pedicure for when you “really need it”. Create a safe haven in your home, whether you live with others or not! My bathroom is off limits! To friends, to family, to guest! I painted my bathroom a soft mint green, and I incorporated my other favorite color grey and added candles. I put a nice clock on my bathroom wall and I always make sure I have my essentials: lavender Epsom salt, tea tree oil, and Frank’s Body coffee scrub. Not a Saturday goes by that I don’t look forward to being alone in my bathroom for at least 45 minutes. Even if I have a busy weekend ahead of me, I’m eager to wake up an hour earlier to be selfish with me.

Find your selfish ways. Invest in your selfish. Let us know what you do to be selfish. We want to be selfish, too.