Runcations are a Thing.

For all my fellow work out enthusiasts, have you ever tried going on a runcation instead of a vacation? If not, make sure to add it to your bucket list! A runcation is basically a vacay dedicated to exercise. It allows you to experience different sites you’ve never seen before…but while you’re exercising! Whether you want to explore new parts of your city for the weekend or go out the country, runcations are a new innovative way to get your exercise in!

The great thing about a runcation is the fact that you don’t have to be an active runner to go on one! You can even go with a group of friends to have more fun! The overall purpose of this is to have support there to cheer and spend some quality time with your friends! So, whether you chose to go by yourself or with your friends, a runcation is a great way to get out your comfort zone and still get a great workout in!

While you’re in the city, different state or country create a list of places you would like to visit while on the run to make it more exciting and you could even try a new restaurant for your reward! The sites you decide to take stops at can be a way of cooling down during the route or refilling your water bottles. The restaurant will be the ultimate reward because of course, food! Who doesn’t love food? Just make sure to eat healthily, the key is to burn more calories than you consume!

Quick things to always remember while taking a runcation:
-Stay hydrated
-Create a goal
-Have a destination
-Stay together if running in a group
-Most importantly, have FUN!

Written by: Mojisola Aiyekusibe