Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money on an uncomfortable and uninviting hotel, you can feel like home away from home by choosing Airbnb. Super host and Houston native, Kharima Richards, sat down with Brunch and Slay to discuss tips for choosing the best Airbnb.

An expert in hospitality, Kharima Richards knows how to treat her guests. If you don’t believe me, just read the reviews from happy guests who raved about her ability to host. It’s no secret why this former 5th-grade teacher was crowned a “Super Host.” A wanderlust traveler Kharima enjoys using Airbnb to travel the globe for a comforting and cultured experience.  Thanks to Airbnb, Kharima’s trip to Las Vegas, Nevada will be embedded in her memory forever. Here are six tips Kharima shared for choosing the best Airbnb.

Before choosing your next vacation home, decide what amenities are important to you. If you’re a blogger than you’ll probably need to find a host that offers Wi-Fi.

Make Sure The Host’s Account Is Verified
The most important part of traveling is safety. You wouldn’t visit a doctor who isn’t certified, neither should you stay with a host whose account isn’t verified. Before booking your next Airbnb, ensure the host has a verified account.

Read The Reviews From Former Guest

Make sure the way the host treat their guest is consistent. Reading the reviews can help you determine whether or not you would like to stay with a particular host.

4. Read The Reviews The Host Gives To Their guest.
By reading the reviews the host gives to their guest you’ll learn the host’s attitude and how the handle conflict.

5. Location
If you love the sound of the ocean or the the bright lights of Times Square, you probably want to book an Airbnb located on the beach or in the city. Choosing the right location will help you to enjoy your visit ten times more.

6. Read Through The Rules
It is imperative to understand what you’re booking and what you need to abide by. Rules are set forth to ensure the safety of both the host and the guest.

7. Check For Additional Fees
In addition to the booking fee, some host may add additional fees for cleaning and maintenance. To avoid calling your bank and inquiring about an unknown charge, ask about additional fees before booking your Airbnb.

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Super Host Kharima Richards Shares Tips For Choosing The Best Airbnb

Written By: Krystal Ketcham
Instagram-@ krystadnk

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