No Phone Zone

Yeah, I said it! No more phones. As soon as your guests walk in, have a bowl on the counter for guests to place their phones in. Phones are always distractions. Game night is a time to be free and forget about life’s struggles. So, to avoid any distractions…please keep your phones to the side. Of course, if it’s an emergency, guests can kindly excuse themselves. For this particular game night set up, we’re going to keep a scoreboard. The person with the most points wins a prize!

Introduce Yourself
Yes, I know some of us may hate icebreakers, but they always provide the perfect way to introduce everyone to each other. Now, my favorite icebreaker is Two truths and a lie. So, here are the steps. The person standing first says their first and last name. Then, they tell two truthful things about their self and one lie. The person next to them must guess the lie. If they get it right, they get the point on the scoreboard. Continue this game until everyone is familiar with one and other.

Team Game
My favorite team game is the artist song game! It goes like this. First, split everyone in the room into two teams. The host of the game night is the referee between the groups. Each team leader goes up to the counter and selects a sheet of paper. If the paper reads Beyoncé, the team must choose a song of hers to sing to the other side in 10 secs. With each round, the artists should get harder! This is such a fun way to interact with each other. Each point earned goes to the person.

Tie Breaker
So, someone has to go home with a prize! I call this game THE RACER. Depending on how your home is set up, you can make this game more challenging. This is how it goes. Two guests will go against each other. The host will have a list of questions about the two truths and one lie game. When the question is asked, the contestants will run through the house and to the board to answer. Whoever gets it right first, gets the point. If both of them get it wrong, there will be a point deduction.

Now the games are finally over! It’s time to unwind. Reward your guest with a prize (can be anything you want) and use the remaining time to catch up and enjoy one another. This time of year we are all looking for fun ways to connect with the people we care about.

Written by: Mojisola Aiyekusibe

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