Lindsey Rose King

As the founder of Mostess a membership service that sends curated party items and ideas straight to your door Lindsey Rose King has totally found her niche.

I first met King late last year at her official launch part for the Mostess Box. As a long time event planner I was beyond impressed with the idea and presentation of Mostess. So much so that I ordered my first box right there on the spot and found myself looking forward to its arrival. Upon its arrival I could see why so many people had fallen in love with the brand. The attention to detail, packaging and content were fantastic. I’ve had my share of subscription boxes, and have been sadden to see boxes arrive with only 1 or 2 items I could actually use, but as a gal who loves her cocktails the winter box did not disappoint.

So of course I had to find out more about Lindsey and what led her to this fabulous idea.

King a native of North Texas, Alumni of UT Austin, wife and former full time political fundraiser is a woman on the rise.

So you had a ton of success since launching your company less than a year ago, what made you decide to go after your dream full time? Last June we were featured in the Houston Chronicle, and that’s when I knew this could really take off, by August I was all in and working on Mostess full time.

How have you avoided the pitfalls of self-doubt as an entrepreneur?

You have to be confident in yourself and know that if this thing fails you have skills to go back to.

The Mostess Box is such a unique twist on the subscription box what was your goal when creating it?

Each item is geared toward connecting, and brining conversation back.

King talks about her idea of giving people a reason to have friends over. Having hosted many events ranging from intimate cocktail parties to large fundraiser she knows a thing or two about what it takes to get the conversation flowing.

So whats next for your company?

I’m working on automatic renewals, curating boxes for the entire year, and creating a company that is scalable.

What advice would you pass on to a person about to take the leap of faith and start a business that offers products?

1.Establish yourself as a sole proprietorship, this will be important when it’s time to look for tax deductions and expenses.

2.Keep in mind that only 10% of your idea is concept the other 90% is making it happen.

3. Never be afraid to reach out to people who are doing something similar to what you do, you can always learn from their mistakes, and avoid huge losses.