Get Happy Today

Make getting and staying happy your priority with these three user-friendly APPS.


1. Happier- Offers everything from money tips to meditation guidance. This for the person who wants to be more present and positive throughout the day.
-Gratitude Journal
-You can use it on your Apple watch
-They offer courses & community support

2. The Happiness Planner- It’s a calendar and to-do list. For the multitasker who wants to maintain balance, it’s perfect for the person that likes to check things off her list daily.
-Monthly Goal Setting
-Monthly Reflection
-Daily Gratitude check-in
-Daily Excercise and meal plans

3. YOU- This is perfect for the more health-focused woman. Think virtual accountability coach. You choose topics that matter to you, and they break it down into micro-actions.
-You get a mentor for free
-You take baby steps toward your goals so you know you can reach them

In this digital world, it’s good to know that there is an app for bringing you peace and tranquility.