It’s been a trying few days, ladies! I truly felt like I was being provoked to all ends, and it really caused my energy to shift in a bad way. I didn’t want to be nice. I didn’t want to work out. I definitely didn’t want to right a positive blog post! I truly wanted to stay and live in my emotions for the time being, but a social media mentor of mine and her favorite hashtag kept popping up in my head.


Eunice used this hashtag to help push her through the things she didn’t want to do. Whether it was driven by fear, emotions, stubbornness, etc., I watch her do it anyway. I watched her go from being an assistant, to becoming a comedian, then added radio host, left radio to become a freaking morning weather girl, and now she is a news anchor. Many of these jobs overlapped, (and still do- she is still a stand-up comedian in the Alabama/Atlanta area. Follow her at @EuniceElliott) and it didn’t seem she was posting anything BUT work. She did it anyway. She hired herself a personal trainer- and not just any trainer, Noah Galloway, former US Army Marine, fitness model and motivational speaker, and Dancing with the Stars Alum (he was widely known for his story of losing one of his legs while serving our country). She often documented on how much she did not want to change her eating habits, or walk on that treadmill, but at the end of every post, good or bad, it always said #DoItAnyway.

Let me tell you something, I don’t naturally have that #DoItAnyway personality. My personality usually shifts to #PettyBetty- don’t laugh, petty women need love, too! But I loved following her and she posts a lot, so the #DoItAnyway became a part of my everyday visual, and when I tell you It kicked in on Tuesday night, IT KICKED IN! After wine testing a bottle of Sauternes ( be not judgmental) I sat on my patio, running out of pitiful yet valid reasons/excuses as to why I couldn’t move forward in positive energy, and a faint, creepy whisper came to me and said #DoItAnyway.

Well……. That’s the end of my story. I did it anyway. I went to work and I had a positive attitude. I went to the gym when I wanted to sleep in. I put my stubbornness aside, even when I still felt petty. And I wrote this blog post, even when I didn’t feel like I had something good for y’all.

Go work out, even if you still eat terribly. Tell the truth, even when you don’t want to cause friction. Be kind, even when you feel the other person doesn’t deserve it. Take time for you, when you are overwhelmed. Budget that account, when you know it’s not much to budget with.

I did it anyway… And ladies, knowing to protect yourself and your state of mind with a #DoItAnyway mentality, will take us farther than any self-pity, self- loathing or self-inflicted fear ever will.