Coral Lane

Many would shy away from working with their best friend on the daily bases, but not Natalie and Lindsey, owners of Coral Lane. A unique vintage and specialty rental company based out of North Texas.


These two have a long history of working side-by-side and have done so for most of their adult life as educators and coaches. So embarking on a new venture to provide custom furniture and vintage pieces to brides and photographers was a natural progression.

Being in a start up business, Natalie and Lindsey, will be the first to tell you that they experienced a few growing pains. Time-management and logistics were the first things to hinder their progress, so they knew that was something they had to immediately focus on. Due to their personalities they wanted to help everyone but they realized it just wasn’t possible. There were only 24 hours in a day and they could not say yes to everyone.


“We are learning not to over commit and to make hard boundaries” something that all small business owners find is easier said than done.

On the horizon for the duo in 2017 is to increase their already fabulous inventory by adding more unique and custom pieces. “Our ultimate goal is to have a shop that will provide a blank slate for every type bride. We will offer a fully stocked body of rental products and designs from Boho to classic.”


As for working with your best friend the two offer some pretty sound advice:

“Respect, Kindness and Communication are key” “Don’t ever be afraid to say simmer down”

“It’s how you speak to one another” Always be mindful of your tone and delivery

Coral Lane has taken North Texas by storm! I look forward to seeing what these two will accomplish in 2017.