Bree Clark

This mom of two combined her passion for design with her knack for marketing and created The Iman Project

What started out as a boutique private event design and styling company 10 years ago has morphed into a marketing, consulting and styling firm for creatives.

Clarks spent her early years in marketing and hospitality which has proved to be the perfect combination, her experience has clearly helped her create brands with staying power.

The Iman Project was started by founder Bree Clark as a no brainer. Growing up in Houston, Texas she was no stranger to hosting, and planning lavish parties thanks to her parents love of entertaining. Bree was encouraged at very young age to plan, organize and design countless events for her parents. “It just came naturally to me” says Clark.

The confidence she gained from assisting her parents as they entertained was enhanced when she had the great idea to launch her first business as a child. One could say that Bree was born with the spirit of an entrepreneur. She took her love of playing the piano and turned it into a profitable company. She was no stranger to sells and marketing. With her younger cousin in tow Bree went door to door in her neighborhood until she reached and surpassed her goal of 25 piano students.

What is the Iman Project? A Design and Branding Boutique. We build and design branding and marketing strategy for small business. We help clients curate everything from events, to blogs.

You’ve been in business over 10 years what would you tell your 20 something self? “Stick with it! You don’t have to change with the times, do what you are good at” and everything will work out fine.

Advice to entrepreneurs just starting out…. “ What matters is relationships, building them, maintaining them, and learning from them” “Take what inspires you about others and build on it”

Who is Bree Clark?

“I’m a part of everyones community, I’m a mother, wife, friend, daughter, entrepreneur” I’m a believer in the fact that we “women are the same”. We don’t have to compete because we all have a purpose”

What keeps you going each day?

“Making time for myself each morning” “ Before I become wife, mom, or boss…I allow myself to Bree”

What’s next?

The cool kids, the brand Clark and Husband Carlos created for children after finding inspiration in their twins sons Kai and Kael. The line will offer kid friendly dinner ware, toys, and pint sized farm house tables, much like the full sized version Bree and her hubby hand build at Lavender and Mint Designs a company helping bring affordable handcrafted furniture to families all over Texas.

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