The Happiest Hour

It’s no secret that I love a good cocktail. One of my favorite things to do is try new recipes and share them with my girlfriends. I love kicking back one-on-one, catching up and having private moments with the people I care about most.

So when I got the opportunity to try out Barritt’s Ginger Beer I was all in. In case you haven’t noticed Mule cocktails have pretty much taken over the drink world and believe it or not I had yet to ever try one. So I called up my good friend Amy and set a friend date to catch up and raise a glass.

I decided to make a Moscow Mule since it’s one of my shero’s (Oprah Winfrey) favorites and I was so not disappointed. Barritts Ginger Beer was the perfect amount of fizz and sweetness, my mouth began to water at the smell of the bubble goodness.

I can now say that I’m a part of the band-wagon and I’m a mule lover and I’m not ashamed. Each season I try to find a fun cocktail to share with friends and I have so say a huge thank you to Barritts for showing me the way. So grab your friends and a pack of ginger beer, for your own happy hour at home, you can thank me later.