4 Cafes That You’ll Love

When I first arrived in Houston in the Spring of 2016, I was utterly overwhelmed by the sheer size of the city, the numerous neighborhoods, and the enormous choice of restaurants and cafés – and I was coming from New York City! But with a little time and patience, I found spots that felt comfortable and suited my needs, and I’ll be sharing with you, lovely Brunch and Slay followers, a series of articles compiling my go-to places around Houston for (nearly) every occasion. In this piece, I’ll be letting you in on 4 of my favorite cafés.

Inversion Coffee & Art
Located: 1953 Montrose Blvd
This hip spot in Montrose is terrific for setting up camp and pounding that assignment you’ve been putting off for days, as its quiet and full of productive energy. The large windows, high ceilings, and minimalist design give it a luminous and airy vibe, which is excellent if you tend to feel overstimulated in your home or get distracted. The tasty coffee and treats are also a chief selling point.

Catalina Coffee
Located: 2201 Washington Ave
This cozy site is also useful for getting work done but is on the smaller side which is why it is one of my favorite places to get coffee to go. The iced mocha is delicious, and if you’re looking to pick up lunch at the same time, the taco truck parked out back is a must! The parking lot of the café also features a colorful mural, a great backdrop for that picture of your coffee you know you want to Instagram.

Common Bond Café & Bakery
Located: 1706 Westheimer Rd
At this café, you will find some of the best French pastries in Houston (and in my opinion in the whole USA), and I grew up in France, so I know. The beautiful luminous interior, mixed with the great coffee and food selection makes it a great spot to meet up with some friends and catch up. The scrumptious bread and pastries are also available to go, which is great for those lazy weekend mornings when you don’t want to cook breakfast.

Toute Suite
Located: 2001 Commerce St
Last but not least, Toute Suite is a great multi-function site in Downtown Houston, as its a good workspace, but also serves a full menu, making a wonderful lunch spot. They also provide a delicious array of macaron which are perfect to pick up for a quick snack or post-dinner treat!

Written By: Gemma C, Nedelec